Let’s discuss 7th June Current Affairs MCQ Important for Competitive Exams.

1) Which state police launched the Spandan campaign?

a) Rajasthan
b) Chhattisgarh
c) Uttarakhand
d) Gujarat

Answer: b

  • Recently Chhattisgarh Police has launched a special campaign “Spandan” to check mental stress and depression among their personnel by conducting interactive programmes and arranging counselling sessions, music and yoga therapies for them.
  • It will help in containing fratricide and suicide involving police personnel.

2) World Food Safety Day is observed on ……..

a) 6 June
b) 7 June
c) 8 June
d) 9 June

Answer: b

  • It was launched by the United Nations in 2019.
  • 2020 Theme of World Food Safety day:  Food Safety, Everyone’s Business

3) Recently #icommit initiative was launched for which purpose?

a) To protect Wildlife
b) To boycott products made from animals
c) To ensure trees safety
d) To build an energy resilient system in the future

Answer: d

  • The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Power and New & Renewable Energy on the occasion of  World Environment Day (5 June).
  • Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) will be responsible for driving the ‘#iCommit’ initiative
  • This initiative aims to create a robust and resilient energy system in the future by moving towards energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability.

4) Ambarnaya river located in which country?

a) China
b) Russia
c) France
d) S. Korea

Answer: b

  • In Russia, A fuel tank of 20,000 tonnes at a power plant near the Siberian city of Norilsk collapsed.
  • This power plant is owned by a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, which is the world’s leading nickel and palladium producer.
  • Oil leaked into the Ambarnaya river within the Arctic Circle and contaminated the water.

5) What is the objective of  Tulip Programme?

a) To increase the production of flowers
b) To protect children from child abuse
c) To increase the production and export of flowers
d) To provide internship opportunities to fresh graduates in urban India

Answer: d

  •  The Urban Learning Internship Programme (TULIP)
  • The programme was launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Ministry of HRD.
  • It has been launched for fresh engineering graduates.
  • Under the programme, fresh engineering graduates will get opportunities to work with 4,400 urban local bodies and 100 smart cities in India.
  • The freshers will work in the following area: financing, urban planning, environmental planning, sanitation and infrastructure, environmental engineering.
  • An online portal of TULIP was also launched. The interested graduates shall apply for an internship through this portal.

6) What was the theme of World Environment Day 2020? (Environment current affairs 2020)

a) Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife trade
b) Beat Plastic Pollution
c) Connecting People to Nature
d) Biodiversity 

Answer: d

7) India has pledged how much amount for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (Gavi)? (Global vaccine Summit – very important topic to current affairs)

a) USD 15 million
b) USD 25 million
c) USD 11 million
d) USD 21 million

Answer: a

  • Global Vaccine Summit was hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 4th June. India also participated in the summit.
  • It was organized to raise at least USD 7.4 billion for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance to protect future generations with vaccines and reduce disease inequality.

8) Which international rating agency has projected zero economic growth for India in the year 2020-21? (Important Economy current affairs 2020)

a) S&P
b) Moody’s Investor Service
d) Fitch Ratings

Answer: b

9) Which is the only mangrove forest in the world inhabited by tigers? (Important Environment Current affairs 2020)

a) Sundarbans Mangrove forest
b) Florida Mangroves
c) Bahia Mangroves
d) Gulf of Panama Mangroves

Answer: a

  • As per the West Bengal Forest Department, the count of tigers has increased by 8 in 2019-20 to 96, from 88 in the previous year. The increase was significant as this is the biggest annual jump ever reported from the Sundarbans.
  • It is also a Ramsar site and a world heritage site

10 ) When is ‘World Hunger Day’ celebrated every year?

a) May 27
b) May 28
c) May 29
d) May 30

Answer: b

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