The US is joining the G7 Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to contain China‘s influence on AI. The initiative was launched in 2019 but the Trump administration had dismissed the idea and now the White House’s chief technology officer, Michael Kratsios, told The Associated Press that it is important to establish shared democratic principles as a counter to China’s record of twisting technology in ways that threaten civil liberties.

Michael Kratsios said that Chinese technology companies are attempting to shape international standards on facial recognition and surveillance at the United Nations.

The partnership was launched on 28th May after a virtual meeting between national technology ministers.

US involvement is important to the partnership as there are several tech giants of America such as Google, Microsoft and Apple that play globally are all concerned about what guidelines they should be following to use AI responsibly.

As China has publically aimed to become the world’s leader in AI by 2030, the US won’t give up the top spot without a fight. So, its the best chance for America to lead Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to counter China as well as to maintain better relations with the rest of G7 members.

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