World Economic Forum will organise a ‘unique twin summit’ in January 2021. It will be the 51st annual meet of World economic forum which has given the name ‘unique twin summit’. The 51st annual summit of WEF will be both in-person and virtual, connecting key government, business, civil society, stakeholder leaders in Davos.

The theme of the summit: “The Great Reset”

World Economic Forum will organise a ‘unique twin summit’ in Davos, Switzerland.

Objective and purpose behind organising ‘unique twin summit’ by World economic Forum

It will be hosted to jointly and urgently build the foundations of the economic and social systems for a more fair, sustainable, and resilient future.

The Coronavirus pandemic crisis has laid bare longstanding ruptures in our economies and societies and created a social crisis that urgently requires decent, meaningful jobs.

To create a new social contract centered on human dignity, social justice and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.

The COVID-19 crisis has globally demonstrated how interconnected we are. Now is the time to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. The 51st WEF summit would require to integrate all stakeholders of global society into a community of common interest, purpose, and action.

All these changes are only possible when we will change the mindset, moving from short-term to long-term thinking, moving from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder responsibility. It is the right time that environmental, social and good governance are to be measured as part of corporate and governmental accountability.

About ‘Unique Twin Summit’ Meet:

This 51stWEF’s unique twin summit will be a very different Annual Meeting. It will reflect the spirit of the Great Reset. The meet will provide a unique opportunity at the beginning of 2021 to bring together the key global government and business leaders.

In this meet, young people in more than 400 cities around the world (the Global Shapers Community) will be interconnected with a powerful virtual hub network to interact with the leaders in Davos. All interested citizens will also engage in this dialogue through these hubs, making the Annual Meeting open to everyone.

Apart from that Global media and social media networks will mobilize millions of people which will enable them to share their input while also providing them with access to the Annual Meeting discussions in Davos.

World Economic Forum (WEF)

It is based in Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland. It is an NGO, founded in 1971.

Founder of WEFKlaus Schwab

Reports published by WEF are Global Competitiveness Report, Global Risks Report, Global Gender Gap Report and Energy Transition Index

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